Where to Request a Free Niagara Falls Professional Liability Insurance Quote


As a Canadian professional (regardless of which field you are actually working in), ensuring that you are properly covered should be one of your main priorities. More often than not, this includes being covered under a professional liability insurance policy.

Quite simply, this type of policy covers you financially in the event of a lawsuit being filed against you — regardless of whether you were at fault or not. In other word, this policy becomes your first line of defense when a person brings you to court, claiming that you were guilty of an error or omission.

In the professional world, what exactly constitutes as an error or omission is as varied as the professions to which those two terms apply. In the medical field, they might also be known as malpractice — a term that is employed when a medical professional provides treatment that fails to meet accepted medical standards. All of these things (errors, omissions and malpractice) can prove to be very costly in both the short and long terms.

This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of being covered under a Niagara Falls professional liability insurance policy. In the past, lawsuits have ruined careers. They have ruined finances as well and they have teared families apart. It doesn’t matter if you are the best at what you do — all it takes is one thing to go wrong for you to get sued.

If you live in Niagara Falls, then we encourage you to obtain a free Niagara Falls professional liability insurance quote before it’s too late. Fortunately, plenty of companies such as EasyCover offer free insurance quotes. Use them wisely!


Professional Liability Insurance/PLI

(Errors and Omissions Insurance)

  • Flawed professional advice and services that may have resulted in financial loss to the customer or client.
  • Protects professional individuals or companies from responsibility of the full cost of defending against a negligence claim and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit.
    • Professional liability insurance covers the costs of judgments, settlements and legal defense.
    • Damages paid under a professional liability policy are typically financial rather than physical.