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3 Things To Know About Fredericton Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Oct 05, 2015 / Posted on :

Okay, so you’re a professional. We have this covered (no pun intended). But the question still remains… are you covered under a Fredericton professional liability insurance policy? Chances that you’re not… or well, you wouldn’t be here! If you are considering purchasing this policy in the near future, here are 3 things that you need […]

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IT Professionals & Software Errors: Why Protecting Yourself Matters

Jul 30, 2015 / Posted on :

As an IT professional, you probably love your job. And rightly so — the world of IT is always expanding, and there are no limits to what people may employ you for. But here’s the thing: Your profession doesn’t come without its fair share of pitfalls. As you may (or may not be aware of) […]

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Looking For a Professional Liability Insurance Quote for Canadians? EasyCover Has You Covered

May 23, 2015 / Posted on :

        In the professional world, not being covered under the right insurance policies can have disastrous effects on your life. Each year, hundreds of professionals from all over the country are taken to court. What prevents¬†you from being among them? Unfortunately, avoiding malpractice and acts of negligence is not enough to keep […]

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Is Error & Omission Coverage the Same as Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?

Apr 01, 2015 / Posted on :

If you are a professional currently operating in Canada, chances are that you have heard of either the term “error and omission coverage” or “professional liability insurance coverage” being used in the past. But if you are unsure of what those terms mean,¬†they can easily confuse you — especially when you end up learning that […]

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Can Malpractice Claims Ruin Your Career?

Mar 28, 2015 / Posted on :

Malpractice claims are every professional’s worst enemy… and rightly so. While malpractice claims don’t always ruin a career, they certainly have the possibility to do so. The more severe the claim is, the more damage they can cause. As a Canadian professional, properly insuring you should be one of your priorities. We simply can’t stress […]

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Free Coquitlam Professional Liability Insurance Quote

Dec 20, 2014 / Posted on :

If you are a professional currently operating in Coquitlam, then we cannot stress enough the importance of being covered under a professional liability insurance policy. Regardless of what field you are working in, the truth is that you are never immune to being sued. You might think that it “only happens to others”, and while […]

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