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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage: How To Assess Your Need For It

Aug 24, 2015 / Posted on :

Under Canadian laws, you are not required to purchase a professional liability insurance policy before kick-starting your career in a certain field. But as we have said numerous times before, just because you don’t have to doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. If you are a professional currently working and living in Canada, then you may […]

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3 Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Myths

Aug 06, 2015 / Posted on :

Let’s be honest: Professional liability insurance coverage is often misunderstood, its importance underestimated. If you are a professional, then we cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself on professional liability insurance coverage. To make this a little bit easier for you, EasyCover has compiled today a list of 3 common myths related to this […]

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IT Professionals & Software Errors: Why Protecting Yourself Matters

Jul 30, 2015 / Posted on :

As an IT professional, you probably love your job. And rightly so — the world of IT is always expanding, and there are no limits to what people may employ you for. But here’s the thing: Your profession doesn’t come without its fair share of pitfalls. As you may (or may not be aware of) […]

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3 Things To Know About Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Canada

Jun 27, 2015 / Posted on :

Are you a Canadian professional interested in learning more about professional liability insurance coverage and how it might (or might not) benefit you? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here at EasyCover, we have experience in helping people understand just what this policy is and why they happen to need it. This is why […]

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Hamilton Professionals: Can You Be Properly Covered Without a Professional Liability Insurance Policy?

Jun 22, 2015 / Posted on :

Maybe a friend of a friend of a friend has experienced it in the past. Maybe you’ve simply read about it online and have come to the conclusion that it might happen to you too. Regardless of why you are here, we can probably agree on one thing: As a professional currently living and working […]

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I Just Got Sued. What Do I Do?

May 27, 2015 / Posted on :

As a Canadian professional, knowing how to prevent lawsuits can often go a long way. But here’s the thing: Sometimes you can’t prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you. It doesn’t matter if you are the best at what you do.  It doesn’t even matter whether you were at fault or not. All it […]

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Delta Professionals and Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

May 12, 2015 / Posted on :

Have you ever stopped to think about what you would do if someone were to bring you to court? Unfortunately, most people haven’t. But here’s the thing: People sue. They sue when companies fail to provide them with adequate service. They sue when they are victims of professional negligence. And they sometimes even sue when things […]

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