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Edmonton Professionals: 3 Signs It’s Time to Purchase a Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Aug 27, 2015 / Posted on :

Are you a professional currently living and working in Edmonton, Canada? Then it might be time for you to purchase a professional liability insurance policy. Quite simply, this policy covers you financially in the event of someone filing a lawsuit against you. In other words, when/if you are forced to defend yourself in court, you […]

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How To Save Money On Your Edmonton Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Jul 02, 2015 / Posted on :

You are never really happy to be covered (or unhappy not to be covered) under a professional liability insurance policy until you find yourself in need of it. While you are not required by law to purchase this policy, some companies in Edmonton will require that you do regardless. Unfortunately, insurance policies tend to have […]

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Where to Obtain a Free Professional Liability Insurance Policy Quote in Edmonton

Jan 24, 2015 / Posted on :

Edmonton professionals, don’t wait until it’s too late — purchase a professional liability insurance policy today in order to protect your career tomorrow. As you probably are already aware of, we live in a very litigious world. As a result, more and more people are going to work each day while facing the threat of […]

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