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Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting a Calgary Professional Liability Insurance Policy

Jul 19, 2015 / Posted on :

Purchasing a Calgary professional liability insurance policy isn’t meant to be a quick and easy job. It is one of the reasons why insurance coverage in general has such a bad reputation. But here’s the thing — being covered under a professional liability insurance policy has never been that important. To make sure that you receive […]

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How Important is Calgary Professional Liability Insurance Coverage?

Feb 07, 2015 / Posted on :

When people hear the word “insurance”, some of them don’t always respond positively. Some think that insurance policies are too expensive. Others think that they are useless. As a professional currently operating in Calgary, Alberta, what’s your take on it? Chances are that you don’t agree with those people. You know exactly how important insurance policies […]

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Why You Should Request a Free Calgary Professional Liability Insurance Quote

Jan 09, 2015 / Posted on :

Have you ever thought of how you would react if you were to ever be faced with a lawsuit? Most people don’t. Lawsuits can be terrifying. Not only can they completely ruin a person’s reputation — they can also leave them financially ruined for many, many years to come. If you are a professional currently […]

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How Expensive is Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Calgary?

Dec 06, 2014 / Posted on :

Being a professional comes with many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities entails being properly covered under the right insurance policies. If you know anything about professional liability insurance coverage, then you probably already know that this type of policy is a must, regardless of what your profession is. It is normal, however, for people to ask questions […]

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