Essential Information about Professional Liability Insurance Policies for Psychologists

If you are practicing or you are an up-coming psychologist, it is imperative that you consider applying for a professional liability insurance policy for psychologists. This will help to provide you and your career protection in the event of a malpractice claim. Unfortunately, these cases happen more than you can actually imagine, so it is very essential to keep your business covered.

One of the major types of liability insurance policies for psychologists is occurrence coverage. This protects your practice as long as it is still valid. If a person files a case against you referring to the time frame the insurance was in effect, you will be protected. If, on the other hand, the person files the claim before or after the expiry of the insurance contract, then you may have to pay the covering costs of the claim and the resulting damages. Therefore, it is important that you receive coverage as soon as you can and keep it active as long as possible.

Another form of professional liability insurance policy for psychologists is called the claim’s coverage. This form of insurance policy will only protect the claim when it is active at that time. Even if the claim refers to several years ago when you were covered under the insurance policy, it will still cover what is happening in the present. This is one of the best policies you should have as it will protect you against any new cases that occur now and in the future.

Your insurance cover will not only protect you from the damages that occur as result of the cases but it will also cover your lawyers’ fees. This will help give you a piece of mind when a malpractice lawsuit is being filed against you. However, in order to receive the best liability insurance policy for psychologists, you must ensure you choose the right company.

For effective relief in the event of a psychological malpractice lawsuit, request your free professional liability insurance quote for psychologists today!

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