Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants

A professional liability insurance policy covers professional advice and service providers from negligence claims made by their clients. Since professional accountants are especially vulnerable to errors and omissions, it is imperative that they gather information on how this policy could benefit them. As an individual or company responsible for giving financial advice or directly accounting for the finances of other companies and individuals, it is prudent to be insured and prepared for the worst. Obtaining a professional liability insurance cover for accountants is highly recommended. If you needed one more reason to do so, think about this for a moment: It is becoming more and more common to see clients refuse to hire accountants who have not obtained a professional liability insurance policy.

While professional liability insurance policies for accountants can be a complicated, they certainly don’t need to be so. Fortunately for you, we make the whole process easier than ever. Request your free quote today and cover yourself against any error or omission that may occur. Our policy was specifically designed to meet your requirements We have great financial power and experience in the professional indemnity industry for accountants. Requesting your free quote today will not only give you the assurance that you seek—it will also give you more confidence to carry out your accounting tasks. Our coverage comprises: · Pre-claim support to cover costs related to the assessment of potential claims. · Reimbursement to cover expenses incurred. · Limited trustee coverage to cover you while acting as a trustee for a charitable trust organization or individuals and families. · Personal fiduciary coverage for insured people who are administrator or executives of an estate. Request your free quote and carry on without worrying about any negligence claims that clients may allege. We provide confidence where profession matters

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