Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Grande Prairie


Are you a professional currently living and operating in Grande Prairie, Alberta? Then you might benefit from requesting a free Grande Prairie professional liability quote.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make annually. It doesn’t even matter if you have been doing your job perfectly for decades. One day, you are bound to make a mistake. And the unfortunate truth is that this mistake can prove to be fatal to your career… assuming that you are not properly insured.

For you and many other professionals this is when a professional liability insurance policy comes into play. Regardless of whether you are a doctor in Grande Prairie, a teacher, an IT consultant or even a veterinarian, you are not immune to being sued. There is only so much that a general liability insurance policy can cover you from… and sometimes it’s simply not enough.

A professional liability insurance policy, on the other hand, covers you from financial loss associated with being sued regardless of whether you are a fault or not — every single time.¬†After reporting your claim to your insurance company, all that you will be required to do is pay your deductible. The rest will be taken care of by your insurance company, although you will be asked to co-operate with your lawyer (once again provided by your insurance company) to prove your innocence, or at least alleviate the severity of your error or omission.

It is no secret that lawsuits are expensive and can leave a person financially ruined. Why risk ruining your career when you could purchase a policy instead? If you are interested, we recommend that you request your free insurance quote today.


Professional Liability Insurance/PLI

(Errors and Omissions Insurance)

  • Flawed professional advice and services that may have resulted in financial loss to the customer or client.
  • Protects professional individuals or companies from responsibility of the full cost of defending against a negligence claim and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit.
    • Professional liability insurance covers the costs of judgments, settlements and legal defense.
    • Damages paid under a professional liability policy are typically financial rather than physical.