Have you ever thought of how you would react if you were to ever be faced with a lawsuit? Most people don’t. Lawsuits can be terrifying. Not only can they completely ruin a person’s reputation — they can also leave them financially ruined for many, many years to come. If you are a professional currently […]
Are you a professional currently living and operating in Grande Prairie, Alberta? Then you might benefit from requesting a free Grande Prairie professional liability quote. It doesn’t matter how much money you make annually. It doesn’t even matter if you have been doing your job perfectly for decades. One day, you are bound to make […]
If you are a professional currently operating in Coquitlam, then we cannot stress enough the importance of being covered under a professional liability insurance policy. Regardless of what field you are working in, the truth is that you are never immune to being sued. You might think that it “only happens to others”, and while […]
If you are a professional currently operating in the Oshawa region, chances are that you are not immune to being sued. This does not come as a surprise — you are, after all, hired to perform a certain task. Failure to perform this task can often negatively impact the lives of other people. In this […]
Being a professional comes with many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities entails being properly covered under the right insurance policies. If you know anything about professional liability insurance coverage, then you probably already know that this type of policy is a must, regardless of what your profession is. It is normal, however, for people to ask questions […]
As a tax accountant, you are required to always remain on top of the game. This is not surprising — people trust and pay you to perform your duties to the best of your abilities. Failing to do can therefore land you in big trouble. But can it go as far as to make you […]
Professional liability insurance policies should never be underestimated, let alone ignored. As a professional, being aware of the different policies available to you and how they could potentially benefit you is very important. As you already know, lawsuits are not uncommon in the professional world, especially if you work in the medical or law fields. Without […]
Insurance policies come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, remaining on top of the latest ones can sometimes be difficult to do. If you are a professional currently living in Canada, then chances are that you have been offered a professional liability insurance policy in the past. But do you know what it […]
Managers have one of the toughest jobs out there. Having to deal with employees while remaining professional can sometimes be difficult. After all, we are all humans, and sometimes mistakes just happen. If you are a manager currently working and residing in Victoria, BC, then being sued is probably one of your biggest fears — […]
When people think of insurance coverage, the term usually brings up mixed emotions. Some people think insurance coverage is absolutely necessary while other people… well not so much. If you fall in the latter category, you might be wondering whether or not obtaining a free Vancouver professional liability insurance quote is worth it or not. The […]

Professional Liability Insurance/PLI

(Errors and Omissions Insurance)

  • Flawed professional advice and services that may have resulted in financial loss to the customer or client.
  • Protects professional individuals or companies from responsibility of the full cost of defending against a negligence claim and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit.
    • Professional liability insurance covers the costs of judgments, settlements and legal defense.
    • Damages paid under a professional liability policy are typically financial rather than physical.