Professional Liability Insurance for Occupational Therapists

In today’s world where suing a person for negligence is common enough, nothing can insure your job as well as a professional liability insurance policy for occupational therapists. As an occupational therapist, you are in charge of your patient’s daily activities, whatever they might be, and the truth is that anything can go wrong at any time.

Just because you are keeping a close eye on your patient at all times and taking the relevant precautions does not mean that nothing can ever happen to him or her. Picture this: Both of you go shopping to buy food for your patient. While you are busy shopping, you receive a phone call. You move away a bit to attend to the call since the voice is not clear where you are standing. All of a sudden, your patient falls off from his wheelchair and hurts himself.

Even if your patient does not sue you for negligence, his family members or relatives might just do so. What do you do then? Normally, a negligent lawsuit costs a lot of money. The worse the injury, the more money it usually costs. You might have to spend your hard-earned savings (if you have any) to pay for the defense lawyer and perhaps even a settlement out of court. In the worst case scenario, you do not have any savings at all. Instead, you have some debts to settle with your hard-earned salary.

But if you are covered under a professional liability insurance policy for occupational therapists, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to hiring a good defense lawyer to handle your case or pay for the settlement if the court orders it so. The insurance company will pay for practically everything. This includes the lawyer’s fees and the settlement. Some insurance companies even have their own experienced in-house lawyers to handle their client’s legal case.

Depending on the details of your legal case, the lawyer may decide to settle an amount with your patient to safeguard your image. Bear in mind that if such a lawsuit becomes public knowledge, which is bound to happen, you may also face the risk of losing your job.

If you have done so already, we recommend that you request a free professional liability insurance quote for occupational therapists today.

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