Looking For a Professional Liability Insurance Quote for Canadians? EasyCover Has You Covered






In the professional world, not being covered under the right insurance policies can have disastrous effects on your life. Each year, hundreds of professionals from all over the country are taken to court. What prevents you from being among them?

Unfortunately, avoiding malpractice and acts of negligence is not enough to keep you away from court. All it takes is one disgruntled or unhappy client for you to lose sleep over an imminent appearance in court. It doesn’t matter whether you performed your job properly or not. If you are a Canadian professional — regardless of which profession you specialize in — then you are at risk of being sued. It’s as simple as that.shutterstock_190884728

The good news, however, is that being sued doesn’t have to be such a devastating, stress inducing experience. Regardless of whether you are at fault or not, being covered under a Canadian professional liability insurance policy can save you both time and money — two things which we know are very precious to everyone.

Here’s how this can be done: After making a claim and paying your deductible your insurance company will provide you with a lawyer. You can then work with them to alleviate the claims made against you or try to prove your innocence. Again, it doesn’t matter if you were at fault or not. Your insurance company will work with you and do everything possible to make sure that your reputation is not tarnished as a result of your lawsuit.

Joining thousands of Canadian professionals by purchasing this policy is very important if you wish to secure your future and that of your family. But first, you have to obtain a free insurance quote, and this is when EasyCover comes into play. The quote that we offer is absolutely free and comes with no obligation whatsoever.

For peace of mind, request your free professional liability insurance quote today.


Professional Liability Insurance/PLI

(Errors and Omissions Insurance)

  • Flawed professional advice and services that may have resulted in financial loss to the customer or client.
  • Protects professional individuals or companies from responsibility of the full cost of defending against a negligence claim and damages awarded in such a civil lawsuit.
    • Professional liability insurance covers the costs of judgments, settlements and legal defense.
    • Damages paid under a professional liability policy are typically financial rather than physical.