Cape Breton Professional Liability Insurance Quotes

While Cape Breton can be used to denote the beautiful island of Cape Breton in the province of Nova Scotia, it can also be used to denote the Cape Breton Regional Municipality where 75% of islanders reside. Both the former and the latter take their name from the Bretons of Brittany. CBRM’s history has long been linked with coal mining which began in the 18th century. Today, it continues to struggle with the environmental results that have been associated with mining. Thankfully, CBRM is able to enjoy a flourishing tourism industry, and it is predicted that the area will be in the center of possible future offshore petroleum and gas exploration.

Beside tourism, light manufacturing and information technology are two sectors that are slowly growing in the area. If you are a professional currently residing and working the Cape Breton Regional Municipality—or if you are thinking of moving there to help strengthen the economy—we encourage you to look up the benefits of a type of insurance policy known as “professional liability insurance policy”. Regardless of what your profession is, being held liable is a very real possibility. The best way to prevent an error or omission from completely backfiring on you is by owning this type of policy. And you know what the good news is? We’ve made the process easier than ever—and it starts with a free insurance quote.


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