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What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions, provides coverage for professionals working in Alberta who are accused of being liable for damages as a result of their services or consulting. Services can include business management, IT management, business consulting, or law services; just to name a few. These professions are vulnerable to claims related to the following issues:

  • Negligence
    When an individual or business provided a professional service and committed some form of error, which could be construed as negligence.
  • Misleading information
    In this case, a client may file a lawsuit against an individual or company they feel has provided information that they consider misleading.
  • Slander
    If a client feels that their reputation is harmed at the fault of a service provider, they may institute a defamation lawsuit.
  • Poor advice
    Here, a client may sue an individual or company for bad advice. For example, a lawsuit against a motor mechanic who gave certain advice that leads to engine damage in their client’s car.
  • Loss of crucial client information
    For example, an external IT consulting company that did not back up their client’s critical data, which subsequently became corrupted and the original data can’t be recovered.

In all of the above scenarios, an individual or business that has professional liability insurance will be covered, not only for any damages incurred in a lawsuit, but for defense costs as well. This kind of insurance coverage is not provided by commercial general liability insurance, which many professionals in Alberta, Canada unfortunately don’t discover until it is too late.

How Can Alberta Professional Liability Insurance Help Me?

Professional liability insurance can help you in a number of scenarios including the following:

  • You will not be left in the red after a lawsuit.
    Lawsuits are unfortunate, but they do happen. If your individual practice or business is targeted, you will have to face a claim in connection with the service you provided. If found not guilty, you will not have to pay damages, but will still have to pay for defense costs. If found guilty, you will be liable for the costs of damages. Alberta Professional liability insurance ensures your business does not have to pay these costs out of pocket, so you can continue business as usual.
  • Provides Protection
    It will provide a sense of reassurance knowing that your business will be protected should a claim be filled against you.
  • Save Money
    Having professional liability coverage can lead to lower premiums for other types of insurance.

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